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  •  Dance Brigade, Hemorrhage, outdoor performances, October 2020

  •  Dance Brigade, The Butterfly Effect, a show about the Climate Crisis, San Francisco, January/February 2020

  •  Dance Brigade, Adelante, Herbst Theater, San Francisco, November 2019

  •  Dance Brigade, repertory, ongoing performances

  •  Maikaze Taiko, repertory, ongoing performances        

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  • Peace on Earth and Justice for All: Composing/Choreographing four student works to be performed May, 2022 at Dance Mission Theater and Brava Theater, San Francisco

  • The Revolutionary Nutcracker Sweetie: Composed/Choreographed three student works, performed December 2019 at Brava Theater, San Francisco

  • Under the Influence: Currently in workshop development, a piece about connection and disconnection, humanity and the loss thereof. Looking at our literal ‘glue’ to devices and the physical, psychological, emotional, social toll this paradigm shift has on our beings. Considering technology vs heart. Looking at plastics, both tangible and metaphorical. Contemplating what we worship. Investigating the slippery slope toward sleepwalking as a way of life, and the impact of all things that can influence us in this state of being. A couple of studies on just some of these themes were performed at Finnish Hall Salon in 2018. A work-in-progress.

  • The Wall (working title): Walls. Doors. Keys. Ladders. Objects of the external world and the internal world. Kinesthetic, textural, sensate, evocative. Aiming to collaborate with photographer/filmmaker, lightscape and soundscape artists. A work-in-progress.

  • Adios, Barbie’s inspiration is drawn from a book of essays on body image and identity. In this dance/theater piece, a young woman who has succumbed to societal pressures to conform to the Barbie ideal begins to break down and discover and unveil her inner strength, beauty and freedom. The initial manifestation of this work was created for the Women on the Way Festival many years ago. I am working on reviving this piece, with considerable changes.                                                                                       ​                                                                                         

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        Dancer as Artist, Artist as Human: Zoom In, Zoom Out 


Art is within the artist. Creative intelligence comes from within. Each dancer has a unique artist’s voice that as a teacher I seek to nourish and help bring forth. At the same time, we are artists in a context: that of relationship not only to self but to our environment, planet and all our relations as well. The courses and workshops I teach seek to bring out the Artist in the Dancer and the Human in the Artist.

Current Teaching:

  • Dance Mission Youth Pod, Schoolwork, Taiko, Dance, Art and Social Justice Projects, Fall, 2020

  • Dance Mission Summer Camp, Modern Dance, Taiko, Art and Social justice Projects, Summer 2020

  • Alonzo King Lines Ballet School, Improvisation/Composition, ages 11-24

  • Dance Brigade/Dance Mission Theater, Grrrl Brigade and Youth Program, Taiko and Movement, ages 7-18, classes and performance pieces, 

  • Maikaze Taiko, Absolute Beginning Taiko and Advanced Beginning Taiko class, Ages 12-Adult

  • Public Adult Workshops, San Francisco Dance Center and other

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      "Hopes High: A Covid-19 Youth Anthology" edited by Valentina Klawonn and Deb'e Taylor, 2020

       -stories, poems, graphic novels, with original artwork by the youth authors and Deb'e Taylor

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